Case Study – Goytre

AHU Refurbishment – MEICA Division

Area: Wales  Client: Welsh Water, Goytre WWTW

Scope of work:

Design & construct additional biofilter capacity to ensure that extra flow from a new housing development did not impact the existing site performance.

Temporary Works Items

A temporary wetting system comprising of pump, pipework and valving was set up but not connected to be used in an emergency in case of flow issues to the filter beds throughout the works. The Ammonia levels were monitored throughout the scheme and the wetting system deployed if levels reached certain thresholds.

Temporary Works Items

Innovative Design / Construction Techniques / Value Engineering:

Careful planning of works ensured that when the filter walls were increased in height the filters were still kept online and running.

BIM technology was used to design the structural supports for the tank and give the client an early indication of how this would look. This also allowed the supplier of the structural steelwork to fabricate offsite knowing that the measurements would be exactly as required.

Monthly valuations were carried out onsite with the client to ensure a swift and issue free payment process.

A Microsoft Project programme was shared with the client via the Northavon Cloud which was updated and reviewed collaboratively.

A risk register was created by Northavon and shared with the client regularly, the main risk associated with the uninterrupted running of the tank whilst carrying out the rebuilding works. Also that the 2 nr shutdowns didn’t runover their allocated time periods. This was mitigated by allocating additional personnel and the use of BIM to ensure buildability within the minimum amount of time possible.

One of the key challenges of the programme was a hard end date of 21st December to enable the tank to be back online and fully functioning before the Christmas period commenced. There was no allowance for any slippage beyond this date. This was achieved through strong programme and project management in collaboration with Welsh Water. BIM technology also ensured efficient onsite installation.

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