Case Study – Multi Utility

Multi Utility Installation

Area: Bridgwater, Somerset Client: Persimmon Homes

HydroVein Utilities is a comprehensive 360 degree service combining the collective resources of HydroVein Self-Lay with additional in-house expertise from other Northavon Group divisions. This dynamic and collaborative cross-functional team deliver a multi-faceted utilities installation service focused on improving site efficiencies.

The Persimmon, Kings Copse, Bridgwater development came with the added consideration that the works were to be undertaken at the very fringe of the site, where traffic management and interaction with the general public has a heightened level of importance. Although this high profile role plays to the strengths and abilities of our expert teams we were very conscious of the potential impact on the reputation of our client and the corresponding need to mitigate the inconvenience that these works would cause.

    • providing a rapid response project team
    • identifying the extent of the project with the client
    • establishing a written project scope with enhanced risk assessments and operating procedures
    • the setting out, repositioning and maintenance of traffic and pedestrian management measures
    • investigating and accessing available mains services
    • all associated groundworks preparations
    • preparing and managing the installation of all utilities; water, gas, electric and communications
    • all corresponding groundworks finishing
    • associated communication signage and information announcements
Having established the exact relationship between the site boundary and the intended multi-lay trench, the team ensured that public safety was an absolute priority.

Strong communication with site management was essential in making certain that emerging challenges were properly understood and resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

The emergence of site specific challenges is always a consideration and here it was originally thought to be the case that there were no existing buried services. However, our commencement survey showed there to be both communications and high voltage electric cables present, resulting in a revised approach to excavations. Once these challenges were resolved our attention returned to the logistics of coordinating the installation of the three different services. With the right approach we were able to minimise disruption and ensure that excavations were carried out and backfilled as promptly as possible.

The HydroVein Utilities multi-lay service is a particularly fast growing part of our business which customers are embracing with ever increasing enthusiasm.

If you have a water mains or multi-utilities installation need on a particularly complex or challenging development site or if you require bespoke water infrastructure design and installation services then the HydroVein and Northavon team are always here to assist.

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