It’s not about ideas - It’s about making ideas happen

From Project Management to Delivery, we at Northavon believe that Innovation is one of our key strengths. Having the expertise within our own directly employed workforce is key delivering better solutions to our clients and end-users.

Opposites Attract

Northavon was recently tasked to come up with a solution to a particularly difficult problem at a major SPS. Operations had identified that the structure of the existing flooring had been compromised due to excessive corrosion, in turn causing the flooring to become unstable. The existing structure was deemed unsafe to walk on, but part of our investigatory works required our site teams to remove individual panels to assess the condition of assets below without stepping foot onto the structure. The site is a critical asset for our client and beneath the flooring two screw pumps are in constant operation to contend with flows and keeping these assets in a good working condition is key to preventing any pollution to the surrounding wetlands. Northavon M&E has innovated a cost effective, low risk solution to remove all floor panels and mitigate any associated risk to our site teams and operators. How did we do it?... Magnets! The device we used is mechanically locked into place with a lifting capability of 500kg per 25mm thickness of ferrous material and was attached to our rear-acting HiAB allowing our site teams to remove all panels quickly and safely.

Opposites Attract

Ashford WTW - Part 1

Philip Clarke, our Health & Safety Manager at talks about the continued partnership between Northavon and Wessex Water. In particular he focuses on how a fresh approach to Project Management & Collaboration at Ashford WTW has helped to make the delivery of these works such a success.

Ashford WTW - Part 2

Philip Clarke, our Health & Safety Manager continues his talk at Ashford WTW. In this short video he focuses on Innovation, looking at the immediate and long term quantifiable benefits that it has brought to this scheme.

Ashford WTW - Part 3

In this last video at Ashford WTW, Philip Clarke, Northavon's Health & Safety Manager continues to focus on Innovation. In particular he presents a small case study of Panel Design and how thinking slightly outside of the box has led to some massive savings in cost.