Northavon Leading in 3D Design


Northavon Leading in 3D Design

Urgent work to overhaul the existing inlet pump station at Droitwich is on target for completion ahead of schedule and last week marked the final review of detailed pipework design.

Northavon M&E presented the detailed design layout and carried out a virtual walkthrough of the dry well area with the new pipework and instrumentation in place.

The existing pump station building offers a number of design challenges and the 3D-model was the only way that the end Client could be sure that the designed system stands up to current practice and rigorous review for Safety in Design.

This period of detailed design has paid dividends and with a collaborative approach by all involved has allowed specialists to focus on their specialism and address all aspects of the works upfront.

We look forward to safely completing the installation in the coming months bringing in the new pumps, telemetry, MCC and control system on-line ahead of programme.