Local Authority​

Our local authority relationships speak volumes. We operate across a range of projects nationally and with teams continuously deployed on large and medium scale activities.

If you are a local authority procurement manager motivated to fulfil your responsibilities to the communities you serve, we are here to help. Drop us an email today outlining your requirements and a member of our team will be in touch.

Water & Waste Utilities

Our unique 30-year water industry pedigree sets us apart from our peers. We understand the water sector in a way that others simply do not. We are familiar with its complexities, its customer focus and its regulatory framework. Our menu of water industry related services and consulting capabilities uniquely positions both Northavon and our HydroVein division to fulfil a variety of sector needs.

Building & Construction

Building & Construction is a key driver of the UK economy and much of our work is focused within this sector; Groundworks, Construction Enabling Works, Highways, Water Infrastructure and more. We are accustomed to operating at a scale which enables us to support some of the largest and most successful residential and commercial developers in the UK. Peruse the case studies below for a greater insight…


Across the industrial sector our in-house MEICA design and installation teams are renowned for their expertise and service. We have extensive experience in delivering mechanical & electrical building services engineering solutions for both private and public sector organisations. Our teams integrate with our client’s operations to ensure total engagement and satisfaction. Typical examples of our work are available to view in the following case studies for a variety of high profile clients…


Whether we are supporting developments by major house builders, undertaking the maintenance requirements of Estate Managers or completing surfacing projects such as tennis courts, MUGAs or driveways, our teams are focused on delivering the best possible outcome. With an array of projects in our portfolio, here are just a few…

MOD / NHS and more

Northavon takes immense pride in supporting our country and engaging with projects across the defence and healthcare sectors. Supporting projects in the these disciplines is part of our DNA. Needless to say, we refrain from broadcasting much what we do.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and make an appointment to discuss your needs; whether for a one-off project or a fixed longer-term partnership. There are so many benefits that clients up and down the country are already tapping in to. We would be delighted to help you too.