Efficient and proactive...

“As an alternative to going to a mains utility provider, we have found Hydrovein to be extremely efficient and proactive in assisting us with all of our utility provisions and look forward to working on future projects with them.”
Davina Higdon
Operations Director

Industry expertise...

“Even with the best planning and project management our world can sometimes present unexpected and unforeseeable challenges. And when it does, I need to know that the high standards required by Breheny Civil Engineering are going to be upheld by the suppliers we work with. Recently I had cause to task HydroVein, a water main self-lay and connections provider recommended to me by a colleague, with carrying out an important water main diversion at extremely short notice. Thankfully their in-depth water industry expertise meant that they were able to apply themselves to the technicalities of the challenge diligently and promptly. True to their promise and worthy of the original recommendation, the job was expertly completed! I’ll have no problem in confidently recommending them myself in the future.”
Nick Stapleton
Contracts Manager, Breheny Civil Engineering

Well done team...

"Having an expert and reliable team around you in this industry is key. Being able to rely on external partners to play their part can be equally important in ensuring successful outcomes. I recently presented HydroVein with just such an opportunity to deliver for me and am delighted that they did so expertly and efficiently; stepping in at a crucial time to resolve some important matters with the incumbent water company, HydroVein’s experience and desire to help proved invaluable. Well done team."
Mike Race
Technical Manager, Linden Homes