Our groundworks division embraces safety and quality in equal measure. We operate across a range of clients nationally and with teams continuously deployed on large and medium scale projects. 

We offer expertise including residential development sites, commercial construction projects, utilities installations and pump station groundworks:

In addition to all of this our expertise includes working on contracts which necessitate section 278 works and our uniquely evolved relationship with incumbent water companies means we are familiar with Sewers For Adoption 6 & 7 and also uniquely well placed to fulfil section 104 works.

Superb project outcomes rely on a brilliant team of colleagues. Their safety, health and well-being combined with that of every person with whom they interact is essential. We have well developed procedures and methods of working and managing which are geared to delivering success. Our systems are continuously audited for effectiveness. To ensure that our customers can identify our capabilities at a glance we proudly adhere to ISO 18001, 45001 and 9001.

First and foremost we understand that our customers want what they want! We build to the agreed design specification, whilst being diligent and ensuring that strong communication exists with key personnel.

Here at Northavon we commit to recruiting the best expertise across all our teams and at every level of the organisation. Beyond this we operate a process of continuous coaching, training and improvement to ensure we stay ahead of the competition. Ask to talk with any of our divisions and you’ll not only be greeted with enthusiasm and respect but also with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and make an appointment to discuss your needs; whether for a one-off project or a fixed longer-term partnership. There are so many benefits that clients up and down the country are already tapping in to. We would be delighted to help you too. 

Case Studies

Refuge island & road crossing duct

Area: Aylesbury
Client: Persimmon Homes 

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Attenuation tank works – Groundworks Division

Area: Great Somerford
Client: Backhouse Housing

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