A year in the life..!

After a year at the helm, this morning I caught up with @LukeBeattie, Ops Director to ask him about just some of his early achievements and his plans for the future of @Hydrovein.

G: Congratulations Luke, on what has been a brilliant and exciting first year. What are your highlights?

L: Thank you, my most important objective was to build a great team of people and provide a sector leading service to the best possible set of customers, who appreciate the importance of a fresh and committed approach. I’m delighted that we have been able to do this because both colleagues and customers have fully embraced this approach. 

G: Is the environment that you have created key to achieving and maintaining these high standards?

L: It is the environment that we have actually all played a part in creating. My role has been to create the atmosphere to allow the whole team to thrive. We are building an agile and dynamic service focused business – that is not something that is ever down to one person. In fact, having a particularly capable group of people immediately alongside me has been essential. Gordon Ford, our Regional Contracts Manager, has played a pivotal operational role from the very first day he arrived.

G: How do you know that our customers are really seeing the service benefits that you intend?

L: Frankly, we ask them. We ask for direct feedback in a way that allows them to also tell us what we can do better. Take a look at the testimonials on our website, for an indication of what customers say.

G: What are your plans for year two and beyond?

L: We have made good progress but I really do want HydroVein to be known industry wide as the ‘Go To’ provider for Self-Lay, Plot Connection and Commissioning Services. But I want that to be because our customers also want that to be the case. That means we have to stay relevant and we need to understand how the sector landscape is changing. We need to get it right for today and also to evolve, innovate and consistently deliver what our customers need and want. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with this amazing team to do just that.

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